accept as it was;

for two days i was in the named of "not in the mood".juz believe me, for those who never ever see me && noe me well they couldnt believe that the happy hippy tqah was crying like little baby.was it sad or watt.im trying to accept it wit all my heart && my soul.

i noe there maybe sometimes dat i couldnt say the truth bout myself.im trying hard && plis do not force me anymore.noe the new me.im flexible.i could accept all those lies && the truth about me.i admit it.juz ask me anything i could give you the correct answer.(; oke.aku bukan la nak belagak mcm ape je kan.aku admit la yang aku dah have the courage to face the truth eventou i noe that im still not in the stable condition.&& pliz juz dont ask any ques bout heart && feelings.penat sgt mate aku nie nak jawab.sebab aku dah mula jawab any ques wit my heart open widely.luas2 kot.

oke my eyes bengkak.imagine la crying for 2 days.there was at 1st when aku gaduh ngan penjajah nie.conclusion nyer salah aku.maafkan aku taww);

2nd plak pasal aku xmsg.lagii skali salah aku ); maafkan aku lagii.kite baik2 ehh taww.

3rd plak pasal tintin turun segamat juz wanna see me && give barang2.thanx coz nak jumpa kite lagii.gonna miss you.no hard feelings oke.kite same2 mulekan hidup yang baru walaupon mcm berat batu besar jee.(;

aku xnak pk ape2 dah.get tru the journey of life wit eyes open.thanx for those who was in the hand of helping me.thanx alot tawww.(;

kak ezah; thanx for being my crying shoulder (;


tintin said...

hmm..yahh..hope u r hepy wit ur life..thnx ..ingt jari kelinking
hope ubah

tintin said...

adoi mok mok nie
remmber jari kelinking
tarik hdung cm ri tu kang
ubah means ubah diri tu..dushhhh