black & white;

today; hilang satu bebanan iaitu finance.hah mcm mane?? aku surely oke.alhamdulillah bole nak jwab sume.yeahh.legaa.today jugak there were a frenly match maybe frm other ipt & secondary school who take participate for the rugby competition.sounds awesome oke.n aku mmg looking forward to see the match.tadi mcm xempat coz priority give to finance la kan.nak kena score atleast 70% kann.oke back to the story.tomorrow nad n me were planning to watch the match.maybe mcm semi final ke ape.menarikk kan.oke aku nie sgt la mcm menipu je kan sebb padahal aku nie nak tulis pasal menda lain.

act; i juz wanna talk something dat happen between me him n him.i noe dat in dz situation all are totally my fault.heee aku nie sgt la jahat.thanx to him coz he gave me the time to think n after i think n think and i realize dat i shudnt do diz to him n anyone else.n i juz can pretending to be.but sometimes i feel the love.maybe cinta tu nak main cak cak pulakk.oke aku dah merapu.i didnt expect dat ill give such an answer to him n him.but i think diz the best way to make things rite.i noe some might say dat i shudnt do diz n dat.but i can.to him thanx for spreading the love.i really appreciate it alot.trully.to both you might thing dat dz is not an good idea but for me it is the one.hope youu could accept dz n move on wit life n our own path.thanxx alot.
sangat2 la berterima kasih.kerana memberi peluang untuk rase dicintai.ada mase kite bersama kembali.(:
im free.but ill alwais be miising youuu.