the day;

im juz having fun wit frens.nad epit and amy.our class was suddenly have been canceled.why dont they inform us earlier.mmg jahat buat kami tertunggu aje.padahal xada class langsung for the whole day.and we decided to went out to have a dinner together.like we've been planning all the whole 3 semester and this was the accomplish from all the plan that we made.lame kan tapi nak buat mcm mane dah xada rezeki nak keluar before dz.went to billion and after dat we move on the the segamat bowl.the only place to entertain ourself in segamat.kuno2 pon jadi la kan.as the result;

the winner was epit, me, nad, amy && khai.we met khai at billion and suddenly invite to join wit us.walaupon mcm xberape nak best tapi oke laa.maybe some might say dat i more wit my frens.do i care.they are all my frens n i mean my best frens.they always be there for me.thanks guys for making my day the best.we ate at "teratak".mcm gerai makan yang bese2 je.kitorang keluar je dr kete n ada sekunpulan mamat yang memandang ke arah ku.aku tny nad sape tu.nad ckap geng2 abg kau n abg kau pon ada.menyampah plak.tapi aku buat bodo je la.peduli ape aku.nak repot aku g jalan2 kat mama ke ha.ahh xkesah.

banyak sgt actvt sampai kan aku nie mcm xada mase nak berehat n do something else dat is the most important thing dat i shud do before everything went away.hm.ive been hurting someone heart.im sorry.i cant be the one that can fullfill ur wants.im sorry.maybe its too much for me.sometimes the things that i do n always do u will never like but i cant make it gone.that is the way i am.i like the way im doing something dat can make me happy.im not like what u can expect me to do.sorry (;


tintin said...

cntik lukisan epit tu
tmpal kat board teqh yer

halmi said...

sahabat terbaik :)