googling and thinking;

i was thinking maybe that I should not wrote something that are related with my personal life. life become much easier if there were no one stalking over other people and back stabbing for other girls and etc. atiqah stop mumbling thank you.past several of months, i haven't shopps. mana tak nya aku dah sangap sangat nak shopps. bundling for life dekat segamat ni.missed BB a lot, but at the end of the chapter, I would never ever go there anymore.duit mana nak cari ya? suggesting to mama for a family hols in Indonesia. "terasa nak lompat bila mama cakap okay". so sudden mama cakap how about g tempat lain ( singapore ) ikut trip office mama. mana pon okay aje.

dan aku malas nak travel dah la.duduk rumah lebih bagus kot.rindu lah dekat family, so apa kata semua balik jumpa family=)

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