speaking test

finally.i could reduce my work for diz week.wat a fucking shit.keje aku bnyak gilew kot.everyday ive got work to be submit.hahaha.dugaan.
1.40pm- me waiting for nad to go with.we went to madam's room as well.dupdap.gilew takot.
why aku be afraid with that speaking test:-
  • madam tuh banyak ckap.
  • madam tuh banyak bebel.
  • madam tu suke jerit.

2.15pm- we've been waiting lagik.dunno when we will do that speaking test.hahaha.suddenly; MASUUKKKKK!!. (jeritan madam).malu kitorang yang nak wat test.bengong tol.hahaha.

2.45pm-we finish the test with ok kot.madam tu dont say anything much about we perform.lega di dalam hati.tengs madam.hahaha.

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