everyday; after i finished my final exm.me wake up in the early afternoon.can u believe it??what type of gal am i? such a loser && "xmanis".hahaha.maybe i juz wanna put revenge on it.for the stay late nite to study.im struggling myself so dat i can improve my grades.hehe.need dat nway; for my future act.i dont noe.dis evening i kinda hungry la jugakk.in the morning; i took crispy crisp kot(some kind of cornflakes) && dutchlady coklat milk.hmmm.delicious aite.&& i feel hungry again.can u amagine dat.wit my pewoot yang buncit already.haih.hate it.i check at my dapur.finally i juz could think about having a nasi greng tomyam && slices of chicken.&& 2 bottles of vitagens.gagaga.it sound delicious kan.hehehe. but it is opposite of it.hahaha.kinda xmenjadi la.hahaha.need alot of practice.hehehe.tengs la.im oke wit the food.im missing my frens.my frens la.u noe la kan.hahaha.kayla.c ya later.

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