lupakan yang dah lepas

tengs for the lyrics butterfinger.
i dont even noe wat my problem is all about.
now im starting to do extra exercise so dat i dont b a fatty gurl who live alone in her room.
i tidy up my room after i took my bathe.
love at the smell of lux yang botol biru tu.
heeee.credited to lindoo who suggested me try dat kind of liquid soap.
i dont ate diz morning.juz makan angin.watching tv.playing games.baring2.blah.blah.boring.
i do sidai my baju && their clothes.i mean my mom && dad include.
in the evening; i do felt like my hungry.juz u would wondering dat i dont eat anything in the morning.i mean anything.
i search kat dapur if there anything i could eat.mcm search kat internet lak kan.kan best kalu mcm tu.it be easier to anybody in the world.but ofcoz la later they will b a fatty whore.oke.not a whore.hahaha.

my mom called;

mama: tiqah nak makan ape?
aku: ermm.pape jela.xkesah.
mama: oke.makan nasi ke?nasi kukus ke nasi goreng ke?
aku: nasi kukus oke.
mama: oke.adik siap2 mama dah nak balik opis dah.dah sampai mama pickup && g beli oke?or mama g beli je?
aku: erm.malas la.mama g beli terus je oke.
mama: hmm(sedih) oke la.bye.
aku: oke bye.

i feel guilty ofcoz.mama sendiri rase sedih.adoi.anak derhake betol.shit.i reload my num.
5minutes after.

aku: hello mama.mama kat mane?
mama: kat opis.nga otw.nape?
aku: oke.mama amek tiqah kat kat umah.mama smpai kol tqah.
mama: oke.
aku: bye.

1hour after dat.i already bought my nasi kukus.perot da berbunyi2.hahaha.

&& suddenly.toktoktok.(someone knock at my door).my mom act.

mama: mane ridsect?(salah eja).
aku: dunno.tqah xgune pon.
mama: g cari kat umah along.
aku: oke.

1minutes after.

aku: oke.
mama: bebel dat i dont even do my homework(kemas umah).
aku: (monolog dalam) shit i hate diz.blahblahblahblah.

i get in my room && lock it for sure.shit.i continue play game in the laptop.bored.i switch my mood && watch the telemovie dat i took from pom.(ghost).

my angah's fon make problem.hate it wen it does.theres a problem with finding the signal. dunno who the one should i blame to.maxis or the phone itself.rase nak campak je.wen is my fon nak siap repair.i didnt care wat kind of fon dat i use.juz gv me a fon dat i could use for smsing; calling && anything function dat useful wen its emergency.haih.
now i can said dat maxis got problem.maxis is a relationship crusher.wuth dat prob; ive misunderstood with him.gadogado&&gado.xsuke la weyh.benci dow.bad day.im not in the mood && not in da mood in doing any other things dat i usually like to do.juz need a cam.the car parking outside the house && pocket money.i need freedom in my life.
always been control by mom && my dad.tension la wey.hmmm.

now it seem to be a lil bit oke.maybe juz fer a few minutes i think.tengs nway.:]]]

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Court Jester said...

Thank you for writing in English.

I enjoy reading your blog when you write in English.

No speak any other language!

Because your English is different it sounds like poetry. Very nice.