"chenta kami"
this is a "chenta kami" shirt.i made it myself.cant u all believe it.hebat!!.act; i juz sew that "chenta kami".one day.a fren of mine ask me a favor to sew that writing for him.&& i was thinking for a while.&& i say why not.i could try.walaupon the first try was sooo buroks.heee.&& finally it seem to be nice lyke wat i imagine.heee.boleh tahan ryte.notbad la.
i juz use benang putih n jarum aje.simple as it is.
selepas siap.i give the baju back to my fren.&& i got good reviews from others.xtaw la kalu dorang juz nak jage hati je.heee.thye are asking to make a piece of it for them.it cant be done if there is too many tempahan ryte.hahaha.sorry guys.i juz ada 2 tangan.&& i pon mcm malas.
sape yang interested wit dat kind of baju komen me okeh.maybe i could change my mind.xoxo

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