semlm we (pomciklindo and me) went a trip to gunung ledang.oke what a nice tour kann.at once im so freaking scared cause yelaa malang tak berbau.we arrived there with a smile on our faces.means that we are so glad that we safe.heee.panjat punya panjat gunung.mmg ada port baik but there were lots of guys.mcm menyebok pulak kan.tapi nak buat mcm mane la kan.so we just play safe.pegi la tempat yang mcm xberapa nak best and that spot was nort the same as other.and the most of all we enjoy the moment we were there.mmg best la kan.sebab dpt hilangkan stress blaja.lagipon exam just around the corner je.

aku ada la take some pix (:


amir acap said...

yg sowg tu nape betape tu..maw cari ilham ke..???hehehe

atiqah said...

bertapa la sgt.
sepak jatuh la kat sungai.