datang kembali

what is the problem wit problem.im not crazy oke.hahaha.gile la jugak kan.i juz cant handle it.its to much.to much pressure.juz imagine wen it all came back to u.aku taw korang xbole nak byangkan.aku je yang rase.hehehe.im trying so hard in making me believing myself.but i juz cant.should i shut up && run away like others do.i dont thing so.im feeling guilty wit wat ive done to myself and others.i dont u to involve coz i think it will become worse.&& it all came back to me.i was wrong.absolutely wrong.thanks fer helping me think wat should ive do long long ago.

last nite.same like before this.i juz couldnt sleep anymore.mate mmg sakit oke.it hurts alot.i can feel it burning inside the eyeball.my body felt kinda tired but my mind juz wont let me.

last nite i watch a movee.(taken).kinda oke.its all about a girl && her frens went for a hols in spain.suddenly they get caught && .....hehehe.go && watch it yourself laa.

my indie rock darling dah tido.he said that we want to wait until i finish eat my magi.but he already fall asleep.make a call && he didnt answer it that means that he already sleep.nyte2 abang.

watch2 and still watch.one of my close fren juz ask me to talk fer a while.and i say oke.
we talk.talk.talk.talk.talk.talk.&& thanks jepon.

sleep tyme.

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