the things that i miss most

hari nie.i wake up as always.mmg lambat.i cant sleep oke.tgk muvie aje.&& i took my bath.i wondering the past of mylife.(mmg betol la orang ckap toilet tmpat cari ilham).

1. i missed to play anything that relate with baloon.belon air.buih sabun ke.play it wit my frens.best nyer.

2. i missed to went out for swimming.hmm.best nyer.!!

3. i missed to have the cheerleaders training session.best nyer.yeah rite.ofcoz im wearing skirt at that time.

4. i missed to hear the bell rang when the recess session end.we ran to the hall. && freeze and after that continue running.hehehe.

5. i missed to hangout && hols wit the whole femly.ayah kinda bz with badminton at india nty.mama she's not going anywhere.malas.hmm.

6. i missed to take on the roller coaster.the last roolers was space mountain[disneyland paris].the best ever && the scariest.

7. i missed to do indiscipline attitude in high school.[escaping from arabic language class]tido kat tgkat atas with lana && others.

8. i missed to go to a very high place and scream like you cant scream anymore.

i think thats all maybe.if u have the time to remember all the things that we've been doing in the past.that was a good relief.&& we couldnt do any mistakes if we could juz remember the past.

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