the things that you all need to know

as always.everybody have their own secret && as mine too.these are the things that maybe you should know.

1. if i in the mood of sleeping; i always find a pillow && close my face.

2. bangun2 tido trus cari makan.(without brushing my teeth) yukss.

3. same like any girl in the town; take a shower for about 30minutes.

4. i like to bogel myself( ayat ape tu erk).after taking shower and put on clothes.that make thing easier.

5. i take about 1 hour to make myself ready to hangout in kl.

6. at home; im not usually talk as much as i in the college with frens.(so quiet)

7. love collecting bags; flops; bracelet; necklaces.but i dont usually wear or use it.

8. love hangout by myself and walking alone.let what other ppl want to say.

9. i dont tell to my parents where i go and hangout. (lies exceed truth) im a liar juz to my parent.

10. aku x hipokrit.if i like or love someone i juz let it out. let them noe && decide.

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