today.im so tired.but i didnt do anything.wake up 9am in the morning.i took my bath and im thinking to get my work done.but i realize theres nothing to do at home.
gile la kan.haih.bored.another 3 weeks, and i will be back to college.watch movie.as always, im watching heroes(season 3).

thanks along.sebab download kan banyak movies and u let me watch it.heroes season 3 yang the new one mmg best.its all about arthur( nathan/peter petrelli's father). so think that u guys should watch it oke.

when it comes afternoon.i kinda feel dizzy.gile betol aku pening kepale.dgn cuace yang sgt la panas.ive told anyone yang message me that i wanna to have a nap.i get sweat mcm nak demam je.ptg tu i bangun and feel like hell.for god sake.i wake up.ingat nak duduk kat kerusi.but a few seconds later what i could see juz a grey surface.im not stable to stand in my own feet.this always happen to me.and i hate it.naseb baik la at that time i tgh hang on wit something.i pgg kerusi.penyelamat.i maybe collapse at that moment.juz wait a minute than the pitam gone.thank god.

bosan gile!

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