last nyte;

there was atime when i talk wit mama n a talk oke.i noe i dont make a good conversation wit mama before this but that was real good one.i said if one day i might do my futher study(degree) in other country n i mean oversea.sudden mama said its oke.mama said oke.juz cause im saying that i wish to go oversea.she trust me on wat im doing for the future.thanx mama.pluss mama giv a compliment that before diz she's not mad at me on wat im doing.going out wit frens.i lie alot.mama im soo sorry.end of diz story.
last nite i search on the internet.search n search n i wonder am i doing diz for real.juz scared the the circumstances that ive might get.search in scholarship mara for futher study. search n keep on searching.sometimes i juz stop searching n thinking can i make myself in there.i really want to be like them.i already dizcus with my besties n they support me with all of their heart.thank kawan.(;
at one time, i juz stop.cant search anymore.ive ask kak ezah how.she's smiling at me n kinda shock at the moment.i mean why kak? kak said its good.thanks again.i noe im not ready yet but i was freakingly xcited at the moment.its not the matter of money.its juz the matter of safety, will be miss everybody.ahh.berangan je lebih.hahaha.(;

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