hate this;

guys.talk to the hand of mine.dunno why im so pissed off.i felt so angry and just wanna scream out LOUD.hey you idiots; seems like you forgot what the meaning of frens kan.am i wrong for being such a caring person? yeah, im wrong and im not going to start the f***ing hello/hye to you guys again.hopefully that i will stop these negative feeling towards you guys.pray that the war will be never begin.and hey you atleast inform me that you're back,cant u?.*calm down*


tin susu said...

awat mara benar..
marah ky sape ni??
calm down k..
jgn mara sgt..
btw,gud luck 4 final..

atiqah said...

xmara kat sape2 pon.
hanya lah perasaan mara semate2.