something that guys shud noe bout me?;

this evening, my room mates being so bz cause they are preparing for the big dinner tonite.which will be held at equitorial hotel, melaka.what a big oppurtunity rite.for the last semester they have the tyme to make people remember all the moment together for 3 years.kool kann, the nite they finally can show their personality and all the eyes are on them.for sure at the end of it, they will talk much about who wear the best clothes ever..bla..bla...and as for me, im sitting on the chair and updating blog, surf the internet and of cause continue studying.arghh.what a big pressure that i shud carried along.stress kot study.yelaa.i must maintain my pointer and beat the rest.atleast it was a good competition kan kan.now, who knows im swithing off my phone.wanna noe why??? aku pon xtaw nape.i just want a peace tyme kot.theres a lot of pressure dalam pale hotak nie.pergh.

im so sorry sebab off phone guys.i didnt want to but i have no choice.oh yeah and now this all about friends yang tinggal kan aku.nvrmind.aku xkesah ponn.but atleast can you just ask me.tak susah kann.mmg.mmg aku nie that kind of gurl.a typical gurl that cares much bout her friends and the relationship around her.it seems that i already menyimpang frm the main topic that i shud talk about kann.

bile aku duduk je kan tetibe je ada la aku akan pikir yang bukan2.oke its not pikir yang lucah2 oke.

the ques is :
nape aku nie suka tuka2 ckap ( ckap xsupe bikin ) and why i probably think for a thousand times to go out wit a man.

answers :

first- because of my family.it depends on my parent result whether i can go out or not.

second - i am a person yang xkesah.i mean i usually say "aku xkesah".so when it comes to a fren that says the same, aku malas betol.aku malas nak decide.sebab before this aku dah penat nak mule kan sume menda dulu.so now it comes to ur turn to decides what to do.aku mmg xkesah laa.nak makan mane aku xkesah.nak main boling berape game pon aku xkesah.nak tgk movie cerita ape aku xkesah.yelaa.and sudden bile the hang out fren pon ckap xkesah.aku jadi malas.nty mood trus jadi tegas.paham2 la kan.

and menda nie bole relate kan dengan kebanyakan laki yang aku hangout.they seems to be the same.i just lyke when a person ask to hangout wit him and he probably decides all the stuff.aku sure la malas.kantoi la aku nie malas.tapi aku rajin bangun awal (:

the other answer yang munasabah boleh diterima pakai.sekian terima kasih (;

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