mereka yang chomell;

when i was sitting and thinking about the pictures that i get from frens in my fon.oke mereka semua nie chomel laaa.there are some of them yang become the most favourite wallpaper kat hp.i dont really like to put my own face as a wallpaper.burukkk wehh.sumpah.haha.how about if you guys decides which one of those pics were the best/ the cutest guy.haha.

(guys if you read this post tlg jgn marah yer; its just for fun.glamour kott)

mohd shahril, naz and gelax

abg ashraf

ayip topeira

aku to be honest i really like to see them in person.i accomplish with the first one.bro ceghap; im sory for not going out wit you.ayah wont give even if i ask him and to ayip; its nice to meet you.you alwaiz make me smile all day long.

butt... mohd shahril still the best among the rest.ngeee (=

not forgetting me.heee

i look weird( not wearing selendang)


tin susu said...

weyh..ko pakai tudung lagi sweet dowh..
klo ko kai selendang nmpk cam dak nakal..

atiqah said...

tapi kannn
aku mmg comelllll.

Anonymous said...

mmg cumel

dayang ku said...

yg penting..pic dyg x de pn..huhuhuh