its about almost beberape weeks yang lepas.ada la hamba Allah nie minta pendapat about something which is about "ppmsi".translate it as pengajaran and pembelajaran matematik and sains in english.something like dat.

ada la guy dalam myspace aku nie tnye pasal ppmsi nie.at once mmg aku xbape nak taw.
firstly he ask me what do i think of ppmsi nie.and second he suddenly ask me that by using ppmsi nie akan merendahkan orang2 yang xbole nak cope with this program especially golongan luar bandar.lame2 i think of this guy mcm nak cari pasal ngn aku plak.im not orang politicians or what.just a student with some opinions.

nie soalan yang mamat tuh tnye;

nie pulak jawapan yang aku kasi.

oh yeah, jawapan aku nie bukan nyer opinion yang bagus mane.its all what do i have to say.

if you guys nak comment ape2 just comment me.we might have the same opinion towards this topic.