the whole weekend without you become really miserable.why?cause im stading by here alone with no one to talk.im talking to my baby lappy.my phone and to the radio.oke what do i do in the weekend.

friday :
aida is leaving me alone at the room cause she has to follow her mom to kajang the nex day which is saturday.im in dilemma whether want to go back home or just stay at the hostel.amy had inform me that if i want to go back home just say it and he would rather find a car rent and sent me at the bus station.and suddenly i got a fever.bloody hell that fever.and it was "panas dalam ".the whole evening i was sleeping alone.thanx to qaqa cause she was a great fren.she bought me pisang goreng and after a few minutes there were a girl selling nasi lemak ayam.GOD save me.thank you.and after midnite there was a misscalled frm a num and i really dont want to noe.

saturday :
and all again im doing the same thing.and i msg the num misscalled me last midnite.he didnt reply my sms.i ignore him.and he was making a lot of misscalled.shit this guy make me angry.i called him and recognized his voice.

me : hello, sape nie.
him : kenal tak? nie tqah kan?
me : haah.nie sape?
him : alaa.ada lah.xkan tak kenal kot.
him : jgn la marah.dulu tqah gune num nie kan.0176375843.
me : dah lame dah tukar.nak dekat setahun.ASAL?
him : xkan xkenal kot?
me : BABI!.

sunday :
early in the morning, i wake up and solat.after that the crazy guy called me again.i spoke to him politely tapi tegas.i say to him that if he wanted to be frens with me he should act like a fren does.not treat a new fren just like a whore that make a nite phone sex.fuck.and then he didnt distrb me anymore.thanx you (=


Anonymous said...

tak yah layan org cm tuh

Para Jamaludin said...

is it fish eye?

-Cik Sheriel- said...



lame xjumpe..

g skulah x jumat neh??
ade hari guru..
jom r..
leh jumpe sume org..
lagi ramai lagi best..

p/s: sorry anta kumen xdek ketan ngan post!!
cume rase rindu kat sume dak skulah!!


atiqah said...

xlayannn laaa.
xnak pon.

para: haah.
fish eye (=

acapabdulrahim said...

haha. giler ganas. ntah2 member skolah lame ke saje kol nak wat reunion. hehe. :)

tapi mmg patut pun kene marah laki tu, nak cakap, strght to de point sudah. ni nak main2 lagi, org tgh sakit tu. huhu

Para Jamaludin said...

nak fish eye...!!!


(dh, slr pun aku nak) ape nehhh!!