rindu for 7 months;

guess what ive been too long haven't update blog ni.have been doing alot of work, assignments, tests and lot more.target for diz sem might not too high and too low.
theres more into conflicts and quarrel but i think i manage it well. i dont really care much now and so do them.just let time tell what will happen next and hope it will be ok.mish my family my frens and last but not least my ksayangan.

only pics can explain
vnu : kluang; taman titiwangsa
actor & actrs : shahril and atiqah
dirctor : mak & abah yana qilah faiz and BAZIL
hai boifren long time no see


tintin said...

thnx awk kerna meluangkan mase bersame sy n my fmily..

atiqah said...

ur wcum la baba.
nak dtg lagii.
tgu kamuu.
28 tahunn