short hair for mine please.

hey readers and to all bloggers.i was thought of some topic that i have in mind actually.some of it were what will I do after this, what should I buy at Giant.okay and seriously after this at 3pm I am going to Giant.Actually me and my friends which are Lindo and Farhana.the driver would be me as you can see that I am the only one who terrorist with auto car.thank you babe.*clapping*

the topic that I choose is what hair that suit me the best.I am getting in the middle of dilemma and hell yeah ofcourse I am.I will miss my hair.my long hair.why am I will be missing my hair.
and now I am looking for a new look.Farhana have juz got xcited to support me with what am i doing for good.and I think that this picture would be the lucky winner.


I would like to choose the second look.okay kann?

wish me have the best hair guys


(^_^) Hani Hilman (^_^) said...

Erm...mungkin ok kot untuk awak...cam rambut penyanyi indon tu...agnes monica ek?semoga epy ngn rambut baru..

p/s:awak atikah rani, saya yuhani

atiqah said...

ive done my hair.

lame2 dah jadi mcm singa bila I baru bangun tido.
tapi dalam pikiran hanya pk kan.
xape la.
rambut akan panjang semula.

EyraRizal-Makeup Artist said...

salam..berminat nk join makeup class di seri kembangan? 17hb ni? kalau nak, let me know latest rabu ni ye.. bwk kwn2, dpt diskaun! cpt tau... hehe..


tintin said...

potong semue..hahaha