how to remove your armpit hair;

these are some info that some of you might have know already and maybe some of you do not it at all.i get diz from my email.and thanx to the sender.hope diz help alot.

Option 1
1. Check your arm-pits. Lift up your arm and make sure there are no cuts, spots, or anything that shaving might hurt.
2. Decide whether you want soap or shaving cream. Soap or shaving cream? You can use either. 3. Rub it all over your under-arms making sure that all skin you are shaving is covered completely.
4. Make sure you hold your skin tight. This will reduce risk of shaving rash.
5. Take your razor and start from the lowest point under your arm that has hair, and slowly move it upwards. (The razor actually has to be touching your arm in order to shave the hair off.)
6. Rinse underneath your arms with lukewarm water. If you do not, your arms will get sticky and horrible when you try to dry them.
7. Check and see if there are any hairs still remaining. If there are, repeat.
8. If your arm pit is stinging, rub some baby powder on it afterwards. It will cool the feeling.

Option 2
1. Buy some hair removal cream.
2. Rub on underarms and follow instructions. (Each cream is different.)

Option 3
1. Buy some wax strips.
2. Rub wax strips to make them warm.
3. Put wax strips onto your under-arms
4. Wax your under-arms carefully.
5. Take wax off with a perfect finish wipe.
6. Wash with water.

Option 4 (Possibly best option)
1. Use talcum powder and spread generously on an armpit (ENSURE that armpit is fully dry before doing so).
2. Shave your under-arms carefully ensuring that any extra talcum powder stuck to the razor is removed(DO NOT WET RAZOR).
3. Once complete, repeat for other arm and wash both arms in warm water.
4. DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING (Deo/AntiPrespirant/dettol/etc) FOR 24 hrs

Option 5
1. I've been doing this for years, and it works like a charm! Organic, too :D
2. Get 6 table spoons of honey.
3. Get 5 table spoons of sour cream.
4. Add two teaspoons of sugar.
5. Rub on dry underarms.
6. Wait 12-15 minutes, then rub off.
7. Do not get armpit wet.

Try it! It works!
which do you think the best option??
i prefer wax maybe.
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