there you are.

im home.hoorayhooray.my house was so different compared to the last month I went back here.mama alih barang sana sini then sampai I pun kinda confused.Tu la tak nak balik KL lagi.padan muka.Since then Im enjoying myself at Melaka.With all the stress of workloads and assignments, hanging out with some friends and a big big thanks to Ahmad Muhyiuddin ( I noe u'll read this)haha. last night I was playing cho cho trains with my niece and ape tah nama menda alah tu a sort of lastik with blue light on it. Today I will be going to Shah Alam for shopping with family.Now I feel the xcitement of Raya's celebration and one more thing

Ayah; I want new phone please...nokia C6 pleaseee.

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