oh rinduu blog :)

Hye bloggers, sorry for made you guys waiting for soo long. I've been busy lately with all the assignments and all the projects that will be held on a week after this chinese new year. I'm a strong girl you know to be handle all this events with my group members. At lots of things happen in the past few months I think. What a waste and I've just realize that I left this blog " berhabuk ". Pity you blog and I'm so sorry. Now I am on my way to melaka. Heading back to school I might say that. Next week I will be busy again with all the events. Damn I need more time to have fun with others. Oh ya a few days before we starts chinese new year holidays, my best friend caught in an accident at ayer keroh kot. He was so in painfull and I hope the best to him. Get well soon Muammar Shamir. We all miss you! Hey blog, I never had the chance in telling you that I had so much fucking fun days with a special darling right now. He might not the one you'll expect me to be with but I am glad to have him. And yeah I don't do tell much about him. Let's say that I want to keep it secret shall we? Love babeh ! I'm full already. Having nasi lemak as breakfast at tangling's food court. Meet you guys later. I will try keep updating the blog from blackberry :) have a nice day bye !


miss thinker27 said...

wohh,,nuffnang nmpk..hik2

Bay said...

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Kuncup Here said...

Hey tiqah rani. Saya dah tukar nama blog saya kepada kuncuphere.blogspot.com. Just to inform. Feel free follow blk ye hehe.