today; i really dont understand anything bout us.tahla.aku xpaham.suddenly it just happen to be like a gap between me && him.it hurts alot.i kinda feel guilty; but when i think bout it again i just dont understand.maybe this could be the one of the "cabaran" or the boringness in my life.shit guys.i hate it.i want it to be over right now.pliz god; make me feel better again.my heart beats fast as fast as the train that i always took to kl.hey what happen to me?? am i crazy just like the ppl in tanjong rambutan?? my fon just got hang.bengang plak.tapi nevermind.i could handle it.tengs to my fren.pom2 give me her 2nd fon && let me use it.tengs again.i couldnt amagine hows my life without hp.i'll be missing him as always.but now when it all simply happen that nothing happen.aku xbuat salah ape2 pon kat dia.maybe.i dont noe.coz he never tells me anything that might be hurt his feelings.pliz.u.i love u so much.&& i dont noe why?what?when?how?who?.tell me if im wrong.i can change myself but it maybe take some time.let me noe.let me noe.ily.

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