hari ni aku da start claz kott ): for real mmg xbest la kan.sume lecturer ada meeting.its oke && fine atleast bgtaw la kan.aku nie dah la kinda lazy nak bgun pg.semenjak hidup senang hati nie.i kinda bored.wahh && b4 i forgot.last nite we've watch movie.where i bought at nirwana; segamat ( a place like supermarket 2** ).me i mean i didnt say dat i did not support our local dvd.bukan ciplak laa.but in the current time i was in the short of money && still wanted to buy the pirate dvd.i bought a movie named "the coffin" which means keranda.

the story it all about a ritual in thailand where the ppl belief that they can throw the bad luck (illness 0r suwey la kott) by juz stay in a coffin for a while.gile la kott aku pon takut.but, if u want to let ur bad luck go away there will be anexchange of the life of love ones.cth nye si A nie sakit cancer && once die masuk dalam coffin tu si bf die which is B akn mati.oh pliz jgn percaye karut gilaa.its not worth it a the life of ur love ones kann.sape bole ganti balik && kesudahan cerita tu mcm tah laa.can u imagine aftr the movie ended.all of my frens yang watch same2 mcm senyap.&& when i ask them they said dat they were thinking wat was it all about.bongokk laaaa hahaha.

okay back to the present; im taking arab where i can score more && kinda excellent koottt.blaja jadi pandai laaa.&& i was suprised that the lecturer for bab 151 is Ustaz Syazali.its not like i didnt like the way he was.juz maybe i feel scared a lil bit.he currently my resident staff ( warden at my college) && fyi he makes some changes in our college juz like an experiment la kannn.&& most of us dont like wat do they (the resident staff ) did to our college.and i think dat now everybody is trying to except it as wat he wants us to be.lantakkk laaa.&& today i was thought mcm malas nak g clazz.as always mmg ramai yang balik nex week coz they considered dat there will be a hols for new year eve && they wrong 100%.wahhh.lecturer pon ada meeting je tad kat lecture theatre (LT). japp ag i have a calzz.the principle of public relation.tah laaa.i dont like something dat must be dont in formal way.hahaha.hey; gtg.have works to do.cya.

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