walking around;

hey there.sory fer da late && im too buzy this week.yesterday, me && my mom went to kl and guest wat?? for shpping.heee.thanks again mama.we shpping like hell.like we never ever been shpping before.in the afternoon we took off frm the incredible house.hahaha.perli je.sampai kl we search for any parkings that available.wtf?full?? yelaa.it hols kan.for sure it kinda crowded in kl.&& finally weve found one.thank god for helping us.heee.

the main purpose dat we're going to kl is to take my hp dat have been repair for a month.gila punye cina.&& when we finally there && that cina said.

cina : sory.casing blakang xada laa.bule tunggu kejap.around 4pm baru kawan yang repair datang mali.
me && mama : oke.jom shopping.

kami turun the escalator && straight to the nikon dealer.not nikon je la.also other brand that related wit camera && wat so ever.mcm bese la.we survey for the dslr camera.nikon d60 or canon d60 is the better and which have more advantage.we met wit a gul called may.may suggest that we or i mean me take canon.&& she said dat blah.blah.blah.(comparison between canon && nikon).its oke laa.im in a dilemma rite noe.i juz wait for my dad.which one he choose its up to him.thanks ayah.(for the new readers; i suggest u to read the last last previous post for u to undrstand y i want that dslr cam)thanks ayah.<3

as u all noe sogo mmg full wit ppl yang mcm nak pegi gig kami.haha.so we finally decide that we'll walk to maju junction(mj) && went shpping there.straight to fos.gile kan.i mean not dat budget la kan.juz we love to go there && theres a lot of choices dat we can choose && can be considered.why not shpping at the rejected brand wit the lowest price.hahaha.after an hour there.we bought 5 clothes for rm93.cheap kan.kan.kan. we shop till we drop.hahhaa.xada laa.i accompany mama to a shop where she usually bought her slack jeans.diz is the tyme when i took advantage && bought a skinny slack coloured dark brown.thanks mama<3.&&>

mama : jom g sogo.we need to buy a prem(stroller) for ain.
me : oke.

sampai kat sogo(kids floor).we search for a nice && comfi stroller for a girl.for half an hour mama finally get the one.yeah.haha.its orange in coloured && i love it.sure ain will love it too.after a few minutes we went back to repair shop && take my hp.akhirnya.thanks.

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