setelah sekian lame i didnt un9 n update blog && ms ofcoz la rarely on9 jugak.coz those days lots of things happen && its unexpected from wat i can think about.where were me exactly??

i was in palestin saving those ppl that shud live longer than we that stay && have the precious life in a big city.&& live happily ever after.bla bla n bla.im starting talking crap like i usually do.i went for a battle between the yahudian && the american && the israelian.more crap n crap.like i care.wtf.atiqah pliz stopp!

haa.oke i was in my room crying laughing sulking wit my own fantasy games.thinking maybe i shud went to palestin && save them frm war.better if me replace myself wit those babies.pity them.maybe i shud be dead && i noe probably there some of ppl want my ass to be dead.haha.gelak ketawa sambil menangis lagi beramai2 bersama kak mikal && kak ezah.

some might say life must go on.tu la ayat yang aku sebut bile masuk je bilik kamar.u noe what.i learnt alot.i cope the noises that interupting my way to heaven.korang xakan paham jugak.gelak lagi beramai2.why me why him && why fucking shit you idiot.sambil tersenyum(:

ive lost my frens & i get them back.i fall down & i get up.ive been compete & i fighting.i talk & i take action.ive been myself all around & i dont even care much about you neither you.


im alive.im alive.im alive

finance test just around the corner.ive been studying like hell so i might make my lovely mama & ayah proud.
but they will be living me here all alone.all alone by myself.& they will be flying to china.mane aci nie.tqah pon nak ikut jugak.haha kalu g umrah jgn lupe nak ajak pulak.angah la yang spoil kan vacation g umrah dulu.kalu tak dah dpt tgk keindahan ciptaan Allah.

i dont have any sisters but i do have brother.eventou he's not being any politely to me but i care no more.homesick for a girl age not yet 20.im missing something that i left behind.

trying so hard to make things feel oke(;

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tintin said...

berbaik la ngn kengkwn
keyhh ..=)