nothing to say;

its only a short note :

and when someone wrote something and did not mention anything about the person;
should i feel like i am the person?

thanks for the guidance/phone that u bought for me/the bracelet/that nice shirt/the advise/the helping hands/the smile on your face/all those pix that u take.

can i be your fren miarose?
i dont love you


thesilentprincess said...

cabor la eh..
ape pun kite hepi jela..
dulik pe org nk kate..
kate nk pegi las vegas ngn amy && keni..hahahaha...
realitinye kite kayo! muahahaha

atiqah said...

bungek laa mu.
aku xkayo.
mu pon tidak jugak.
yang kayo amyyyy.

tin susu said...

rindu kamoo..

atiqah said...

rindu mehh(x